The reason why I chose my profession and the reason I know I made the right choice….thanks to all of my great clients who i’ve learned just as much from as they have learned from me…………..

My doctor said it best “That trainer has added years to your life.”  Quite simply, over the last 2 years, Marc has taught me how to really take care of my health, both physically and nutritionally.  My outlook on life and what I can accomplish has turned 360 degrees.  After 6 short months of working with Marc, my gut was gone, and my doctor was able to discontinue BP and cholesterol medication.  After 9 months, I biked 20 miles for charity.  It just kept getting better and still does.  The guy who always avoided gym class and was NEVER in shape is now, at 59 years old, in the BEST shape of his life.  Marc is degreed in Exercise Science and is also a Registered Dietitian.  Marc’s knowledge and skill as a Registered Dietitian were essential to getting and maintaining the kind of results we’ve achieved.  I’m on a plan for eating and naturally reducing inflammation in my body that is perfect for me and easy to live with.  I feel terrific!  You won’t get anywhere with an exercise program unless you have a trainer who can put the nutrition blocks in place.  Credentials aside, Marc is just smart.  He spends a good deal of time and money on professional development to give me and his other clients the very best results possible.

I feel everyone needs a “Marc” in their life.  As you get older, you can spend your money on health problems or spend much less trying to avoid health problems.  I choose the latter.  At my age, physical issues and limitations do arise.  Marc always knows how to help and keep me progressing.   Marc never sees obstacles, only challenges.  He has encouraged me to try new sports and adventures.  Thanks to Marc, I have a brand new wonderful chapter in my life!  He’s given me what we rarely get in this world, a second chance.

With deepest gratitude,

Marion Giambra


When I started training with Marc in October 2010, I was overweight, out-of-shape and frustrated by the post-partum changes in my body. I didn’t think I’d EVER get my body back after having been pregnant/giving birth to my daughter. Marc was patient, positive, and supportive as he showed me what I needed to do to get back in shape. Even though I was at my highest lifetime weight when I started working with him, I never once felt intimidated or embarrassed around Marc due to his extreme professionalism and great personality. Through a combination of strength training and cardio work that Marc tailored to my needs and preferences, I started losing weight right away. By December of that year, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight; a couple of months after that, I was down another 10 pounds for a total weight loss of 20 pounds. More than that though, I regained my self-esteem and became truly fit. I got my body back!
One of Marc’s greatest strengths (beyond being knowledgeable, consistent, and dedicated), is that he is never your trainer just for the hour or half-hour you are working with him; rather, he truly embraces his role/work and is constantly supporting and cheering on each of his clients. So much so that, after moving out of the area, he has continued to train me via Skype so that I could maintain my excellent weight-loss and fitness results.
I cannot recommend Marc enough!

Alexandra Papantoniou


When I started with Marc I had given up on reaching my fitness goals and having my body transform.  I have tried personal training before and switched to Marc after a few disappointing months with a trainer.  I met Marc and was oh here we go again another young kid who is not going to know anything about my goals or the body.  Boy was I wrong!!  Marc understood exactly what I wanted and needed to do.  He challenged me physically and brought a different workout every time.  He took time to work with me and was just as dedicated to me like I can 5x per week.  He gave me workouts to do on my own.  With Marc’s help I lost 17 pounds!! He prepared me to maintain my weight lost even after he moved on which was very beneficial for me.  For me personally the best thing I can say about Marc is not that he is a good trainer, but he became my friend during my journey towards fitness.  He listened to what I said and didn’t blame me for being overweight but praised me for showing up and he made sure he kicked my butt in the process.  Marc is truly a dedicated fitness professional and restored my faith in trust in the profession.

Dee Jackson
Clayton, NC

I am blessed to know Marc Halpern and to have experienced his unwavering support.  Not only did Marc train me in the gym, hardly ever using the provided equipment, having me do unusual maneuvers I can continue at home; but Marc also took me grocery shopping, explaining how to read labels to select the “most nutrition” in a product and find unhealthy and unnecessary  additives.  Marc then came to my house to show me how to prepare and cook the food selections, indicating recommended portion sizes – storing/freezing for future meals.  Marc Halpern is the ONLY personal trainer I have experienced that helped me LOOSE TEN POUNDS.  Marc did all this EVERY TIME with a sense of humor and a motivating push, making me go beyond what I thought I could do physically.

Helen Fowler
Clayton, North Carolina

Personal Trainers are not all equal…. This is a lesson I have learned personally as well as one that has been told me by other people who have worked with trainers.  All trainers have their own personal style but the good ones are those who can incorporate their approach with the client’s individual needs and abilities.  I started seeing a personal trainer because I had a pretty severe back issue.  To avoid future issues and a trip to the OR, it was suggested I start taking a more protective approach to strengthening my core.  For almost a year I worked with trainer who primarily had me weight training.  During that time I had two minor and two relatively major back issues.  Working with Marc Halpern, I quickly discovered that he developed workouts and long-term fitness strategies there were geared to meet my specific needs and life style. In the 8 months I have been working with Marc, I have had only 1 minor back issue. Within a short period of time I was able to run, play golf and lift things around the house that I was hesitant to do prior to working with Marc. For this reason, I would and have highly recommended his services….


Marc Halpern has been my personal fitness trainer for over 3 years.  I am a 66 year-old male and before meeting Marc I had been working out 3 or more times a week for over 5 years.  Initially, I joined a gym and started working out to get in shape for a 10-day backpacking trip along a remote, rugged section of the Appalachian Trail known as the Wilderness 100 in Maine.  My routine consisted of weight lifting and cardio on a treadmill.  This was pretty much the regiment I followed during those 5 years.  Although I was much better off than I had been before I started working out, I still did not feel properly conditioned.  My workout routine often led to plateaus, where I would stay for many months; in part because it was easier that way, but mostly because I didn’t know how to shake things up.  To break out of a rut I would ask around for options; I was always game to try something new.  But the advice was not professional and neither were the results.  Also, like many men, I was gung-ho for the bench press and soon was pushing up considerable weight.   Result:  chronic shoulder problems.   And what exactly did bench pressing heavy weight have to do with my overall conditioning?
I had thought about hiring a professional to train me.  Mostly, I was looking for an expert to observe my form and correct any deficiencies.  I also wanted someone to provide me with various workout routines that would keep me regularly challenged.  So I started looking around.  During my workout sessions at the gym, I observed a number of different trainers in action hoping to find one I would hire.  Most, if not all, looked like glorified baby sitters.  With little or no enthusiasm, they would define an exercise and have their client execute the exercise.  And then they would do another one, and then another one, and so on.  Often there was no feedback and all too often I saw obvious bad form go uncorrected.  My reactions varied between yawns and yikes.
But I was growing more and more desperate to beef up my workouts, so when the gym I belonged to offered a series of free personal trainer sessions, I took the bait.  I trained with several different trainers and was not impressed.  I had two sessions left when the gym manager assigned Marc.  It was like going from black-and-white to Technicolor.  The first half-hour session was an explosion of activity.  He used those first sessions to gauge my core strength, my balance, my flexibility, and my stamina.  His diagnosis:  we have work to do; and did we ever.
Every workout with Marc is new; no two sessions are the same.  Imagine that:  in over 3 years, no two sessions have been the same.  His exercises are designed to be full body and core demanding.  For example, suppose we are doing dumbbell bench presses.  First, we get rid of the bench and use an exercise ball to support only our shoulders.  Next, we use only one dumbbell; first in the right hand and then in the left hand.  And to make life complete, we raise the opposite foot off the floor.  And we are not left to just do an exercise, because without feedback we generally start becoming sloppy.  Marc builds you up in stages until you have sufficient core strength, balance and stamina do compound motions over increasingly long periods of time.  And during the session he is fully engaged making sure you are performing correctly.  If not, with a very calm demeanor, he directs you until you are.  He sets what at first seems an impossible level of effort.  But he has a sixth sense of what you are capable of; and he has a leadership quality that makes you reach inside and push yourself.
There is little rest for the weary when Marc is conducting his symphony of exercises.  To boost stamina and core strength, we almost always we do a circuit of exercises without rest.  Circuits are nothing new; they are popular in the gym, but I have not seen anything that resembles the total body impact provided by Marc’s circuits.  His exercises are designed to simultaneously work major muscle groups, their support muscles (often neglected with most workout regiments), core muscles (also not strongly emphasized in most workout regiments); and he designs the circuit to maximize aerobic and anaerobic conditioning to boost your stamina.  And these exercises are not performed with “both feet planted on the ground.”  Almost always you are performing complex motions in some unsteady position.
Each session is fun and fresh; a signature characteristic of Marc’s training style.  He is constantly inventing new exercises and combinations of exercises.  Now we all know gym rat or two that improvises.  And some creations are pretty good.  But the motions are generally very simple in nature as they must be because compound and complex movements to be effective and safe require an expert’s knowledge of the anatomy and dynamics of the human body.  Marc is an expert.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University at Buffalo as well as a Master’s degree in nutrition from the same university.  He remains an ardent student of the human body.  To improve his already impressive knowledge base, he remains the perennial student by reading, keeping abreast of current literature, and attending conferences.  Marc’s exercise regiments are solidly engineered.
So, if you are looking for a personal trainer that will make a key difference in your health and physical condition, and you are serious about making the effort, then Marc is your man.  He takes great pleasure, satisfaction, and a personal interest in molding you into good condition and keeping you there.  This engaging and intelligent young man truly loves what he does; he knows how to do it; and he knows how to keep you coming back for more.
Fred Kiefer