Information Overload

I was thinking the other day just how many sites and tv shows there are dedicated to health and fitness information.  It really can be confusing, even for me.  There are times where I just have to look at things through a filter and disregard most of it.  I can only imagine how my clients feel.  These days anyone can put up information on the internet and make it look legitimate.  Here are some thoughts about how to either accept or reject this information (or at least is it worth investigating further?)

  • Does it sound reasonable?  If you were to explain it to a friend, would he/she look at you like you were crazy?
  • Would you give this to your kids?  Better yet, would you give it to a pregnant woman?
  • What are the intentions of the person talking about it.  Are they selling it?
  • Why do you need it?

After I answer these questions, I usually throw the idea away.  Sometimes, I may write a note to myself to check it out further.  For example, I may look at some studies or go to some of my professional trusted resources.  For most people, just ask an expert that you trust.  However, if people used these questions, I bet i’d get less questions!

We as humans like variety.  Variety can be a great thing, sometimes.  Other times, variety is our downfall.  We don’t need 4,327 ways to blast our triceps.  How about a set of 10 strict push-ups?  Oh, I forgot, push-ups were so 1997.