Officially Launching Online Programs for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and/or Strength Development

I have been training clients online for some time now.  It started out small, just a few people.  However, due to increasing success, and with that more referrals, the program has gotten a bit bigger.   I have developed a systematic approach that can help a lot more people reach their goals.  I never advertised any of it until now.   I have decided to devote a good part of my business towards servicing clients who live all over the country.  It is a new era.   Cell phones, tablets, Skype, Facetime……we can be anywhere at anytime.  Hectic work schedules, unexpected events, and a busy family life make it very difficult for most people to get to the gym on a regular basis.  Even worse, when you do get to the gym, is it the most effective program?

My job, for the last 10 years now, is to eliminate the things that do not get you closer to your goal.  Cut out all the static, and get right to the basics.  This does not change whether we train in person or online.  No need for hours at the gym doing endless sets of bicep curls, walking on the treadmill, etc.  If your goal is fat loss, we get right to the things that will get you there….nothing else.

Everyone is different.  Different goals, different schedules, and different experience levels. By having a versatile system, I can accommodate everyone.
I offer:

  • One on one skype training.  No need for a gym
  • Program design, whether you will be training at home, a gym, or both.
  • Nutrition Counseling

Some may need all of those things, some only 1.  It depends on your goals and experience.  Either way, I get you to hit your goal in the quickest time possible.

How are my programs different?

  • I specialize in the last few stubborn pounds, whether for fat loss or muscle gain.  No more plateaus.  
  • Up to date proven methods, but more importantly, how to apply in real life
  • People learn differently, so I have several ways of teaching and monitoring nutrition
  • Proper program design.  You stay safe, get steady progress, and don’t burnout after a month
  • Everything is customized to YOU.  We can get through and sometimes even rid yourself of old injuries
  • Accountability.  I make sure you stay on track long term and get the results you always dreamed of every New Years 
  • Debunk myths about training, nutrition, and supplements
  • Flexible Schedule 
  • Proper guidance for sport specific training

If you are looking for something different than the cookie cutter programs out there, or are tired of spending time at the gym living in a plateau, I can help.

Everything is customized to what YOU NEED.  I’m excited about this opportunity.  I can help a lot more people than just one on one personal training all of the time.  The best part is, it is way more affordable for you.

Contact me for a free assessment and we can determine what you need to get you to your goals!

Call or text:  801-558-4286


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