Information Overload

I was thinking the other day just how many sites and tv shows there are dedicated to health and fitness information.  It really can be confusing, even for me.  There are times where I just have to look at things through a filter and disregard most of it.  I can only imagine how my clients […]

Random thoughts about my field and personal development


I am going past 10 years in the field.  Just a little reflection and how I am moving forward. The personal trainer’s role, as well as the Registered Dietitians role has certainly changed over the years.  Here are a few brief topics that have come up in the field, and how I am steering my […]

Periodization and Why You Should Use It


Periodization has been around for a long time.   Athletes are the ones who mostly use it while training for a competition.  It has been known for ages that it works.  Research has backed it, results have backed it, and it makes common sense when you really think about the concepts.  Many textbooks have been devoted […]

Recovery: the most overlooked aspect of a training program


Without proper recovery, no amount or type of exercise can help you achieve your goals.  Whether you are training for fat loss, muscle size, endurance…….it makes no difference.  Your body does NOT get stronger from lifting weights, it does NOT get get bigger, faster, or drop body fat from working out.  It does all these […]

Bro Science and other poor fitness advice


Bro Science:  Phrases in the gym that always begin with “Bro….” See also: the science of no science. Jersey Shore workout Example:  Bro, do these crunches two weeks before beach season to really get cut” Anyone who has ever been to a gym knows who I am talking about.  Big guys in wife beaters and […]

Always question your injuries!


Too often, doctors send you off after surgery or an injury and instruct you to strengthen a particular group of muscles.  If it is a knee, they will say strengthen the quads, or a low back injury will call for strengthening the core.  This all sounds great, but what does that really mean?  What type […]

What exactly is sport-specific training?


Sport specific training has taken on a wide array of meanings. Each sport has its own selection of exercises.  Golfers take the cable handles and start rotating (which FYI, I highly do NOT recommend, at least at first, more of this at another time), football players bench, runners do leg press 1000 reps at a […]

Skip past those leg extension machines, your knees will thank you!


The seated knee extension, ah yes.  Usually it is next to the abductor/adductor (seated in/out motions for the legs), and the leg curl.  With this arrangement, you can do a leg circuit and hit all of those trouble areas on your legs.  Sounds wonderful!  You get to work those leg muscles all while sitting down!  […]

Kiwi as a post-workout powerhouse!


After lifting, most of us think of drinking a protein shake. Protein in liquid form immediately after a tough workout is great for recovery and keeping us in an anabolic, muscle friendly state.  However, just as important post-workout is carbohydrates and antioxidants.  An intense workout uses our stored carbohydrate, glycogen, for energy. If we do […]