Post Workout Nutrition to Break Through Plateaus.

Are you stuck at a certain weight after initially losing a decent amount?  Can’t get past a certain amount of resistance on a particular exercise? Everyone looks to “switching it up” with their exercise routine, which, I agree with.  However, it may not always be what is holding you back. I would argue that post […]

Kiwi as a post-workout powerhouse!


After lifting, most of us think of drinking a protein shake. Protein in liquid form immediately after a tough workout is great for recovery and keeping us in an anabolic, muscle friendly state.  However, just as important post-workout is carbohydrates and antioxidants.  An intense workout uses our stored carbohydrate, glycogen, for energy. If we do […]

Product Review: Orgain

Orgain This is one of the few ‘ready to serve’ products I highly recommend.  255 calories, 16g protein (whey), and tons of fruit/vegetable juice and has a 2:1 carb:protein ratio. This ratio is important for post workout nutrition.  Protein alone will not help you recover, you need carbohydrate with protein in a 2 or […]

Batch Cooking for a Busy Schedule Will Keep Calories Down and Money in your Pocket


Batch cooking is a great way to control calories, eat wholesome meals, and have the convenience of microwave dinners without the chemicals and preservatives.  They will also be cheaper than frozen dinners.  On a day off, batch cooking can be easy.  The key is to have the basic ingredients on hand, which makes for only […]